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Our Mission

We believe everyone has rights that should be respected and desires or goals that should be met. In partnership with persons with disabilities and their families, Horizon Support Services, Inc. focuses on providing quality service by creating a flexible, person-centered, and family-oriented system of support, so that participants can live safe and healthy lives. We listen and discuss what they want their lives to look like, and the communities they want to live in. Community inclusion is accomplished through community-based support programs. Horizon Support Services, Inc. is dedicated to improving the quality of life of persons with developmental needs through an integrative support system, care, love, and partnership.

Our Vision

– Empower persons with developmental disabilities to be able to make personal choices and direct their lives.
– Work with them to become active members in the communities of their own choosing, where they are respected.

Who We Are

Horizon Support Services, Inc. aims to help people with developmental needs, to be immersed and included in community life. Therefore, our services are designed to provide the support that will allow them to make choices for themselves and give them opportunities to become independent and functioning members of the community. We work together with the person and their family so we can comprehensively meet their desires, goals, and needs to live successful, safe, and healthy lives.

What Makes Us Different?

QUALITY SERVICES – We are dependable and strive to provide excellent services.

ADVOCACY – We are the voice of the voiceless. We enable individuals with developmental disabilities to direct their lives and services.

DIVERSITY – We respect cultural diversity and beliefs and have a team of employees who work hard to make sure choices are supported and rights are respected.

ACCOUNTABILITY – We take responsibility for our decisions, actions, and their outcomes.

Do You Have Questions?
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